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Photos from Vancouver and surrounding area taken by British Columbia poet and photographer, Lawrence Hearn

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Waking Up

Day 2 Month 6 (13 Moon Calendar)


waking up

we're sleeping while keeping
awaking at bay
we're dreaming while streaming
ourselves as we play

we're flying, we're soaring
we're up in the sky
we're rising and falling
we do not know why

we're happy, contented
we're feeling at ease
we're joyful and childlike
adrift on a breeze

the earth is below us
as we move on
the earth is inside us
it's where we belong

we're sleeping while keeping
awaking away
we dream in a stream at
the start of the day

it's blurring, we're stirring
we cannot hold on
we wake in the morning
as sleep has now gone

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